“Too heavy a load- too tight a turn – too rugged a terrain” our complete line of Shuttlelift rubber tired gantry cranes is designed to solve the toughest lifting problems. Tailoring the right equipment to your specifications takes more than checking a box. At Shuttlelift we partner with our customers to “walk the yard” enabling us to determine traffic flow, terrain, and building clearance. From there we discuss load capacity, material handling, mobility and safety specifications.

Every challenge is unique, so we design your Shuttlelift accordingly. Each mobile gantry crane is created to perform to every situation you plan to throw at it. We are always developing new crane technology and value customer-inspired design features that give us a unique competitive advantage. Our full line of rubber tired gantry cranes come in several configurations, control systems and performance options. Let us walk you through our “Crane Spec” process and discover what “innovative lifting solutions” truly means.
We’ve raised the bar and moved it with ease

We've raised the bar and moved it with ease

In the economic battle against budgets and timelines, we’ll help you pick your weapon. Our lineup of rubber-tired gantry cranes offers customers a broad spectrum of performance across all industries and applications. Our arsenal includes our highly mobile SB Series, our value-powerhouse DB Series, our industry–leading SL Series and our superior workhorse ISL Series. Explore the benefits of each series, then contact us to custom fit your perfect lifting solution.

You need more than a lifting equipment vendor. You need a partner, one who will work with you to design a machine that meets your specific requirements. For over half a century, we’ve been dedicated to superior engineering and customer-driven improvements. And, whether you require maintenance schedules or seek specific parts and service, you can rely on the Shuttlelift team to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

We're here (and everywhere) for you

As a global leader we need to focus on two things– leading and being global. Being there to support our customers in sales and maintenance support is a huge part of our success because it’s a huge part of yours. For our customers, genuine peace of mind comes from genuine parts installed by our highly-experienced technicians in an expedited timeframe. We know that every day you wait for a part may result in a lost day of production, so we’ve streamlined our parts department to perform to the standard you’d expect from Shuttlelift.

Customer Service and Repair
Genuine Peace of Mind with Shuttlelift’s Customer Care

No one understands your Shuttlelift gantry crane better than our highly dedicated service team of lifting professionals. Trust the experts for comprehensive service.

Superior Service and Repair Assistance
Our service team is there to help you maintain and repair your equipment and minimize costly downtime. These highly trained and experienced lift equipment professionals have been hand-picked to provide exceptional customer service with care and integrity.